[Resolved] Blank Entries in Computer Secuity Policy Window

In the Defense+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy window there are the program names under “Application Names” (such as C:\Program Files\CBOClean\BOC422.EXE) and on the right hand side under “Treat As” either “Custom Policy” or “Trusted Application”. However, there are a lot of entries with no information at all under the “Application Names”. Line is blank, no program info. at all , but there is an entry under “Treat As” with either “Custom Policy” or “Trusted Application”. How can I tell what these blank entries are, that have been given the “Custom Policy” or “Trusted Application” policy?

Hi ronrc

If you hit the purge button you will should these blank lines disappear.


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This worked. No blank entries. Before writing this post, I did use the “Purge” option but when the screen came up showing what was going to be purged, nothing was there, so didn’t click “Apply”, but did this time and everything is ok. Thanks for the help.

Glad you got it working for you.

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