Resolved: Application rules reappears - cannot seem to remove

Update: Oops: Please ignore this question - I must have forgotten to press Ok button or something. It just worked.

Mods - feel free to remove this thread please.

Original message:

I am using v6 with Firewall in Custom Ruleset mode.

I was checking a certificate of a program for which Windows Explorer requested internet access. I clicked Allow but forgot to uncheck the “Remember” check box so it created a new application rule for Windows Explorer.

I cannot seem to get rid of it now. I navigated to Firewall Tasks ~ Advanced Settings ~ Firewall ~ Application Rules and delete the rule but it just comes back right away after navigate away and then back to Application Rules section. I feel like I am missing something basic here…

Any ideas?

I think you can remove you own posts; dunno what happens if your post is the first in the thread. Will it let you? Will it remove replies to your post like this one?