[Resolved]alert about another computer wanting to connect to mine

I have no idea what the other computer is, it might be just an update. How do I know who this is?
e80::f028:a251:7fa1:2048 I do not know if this is a mac address, but I would think it was. I have my router set up so that it only allows 4 computers access via my wireless network. I cannot tell who is legit or not when I get an alert like this. I blocked it because I don’t know who this is. I am new to Comodo firewall…so I am not sure about the full use of the program. Is there a way to check to see if this is a legitimate connection or not?

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do you have a neighbor that is close to you? Normally your router shouldn’t ask since you have put a list which computer are allowed.

try this website: http://coffer.com/mac_find/

If that doesn’t help try to see if one of your computer has this MAC address and this is how you do it: run —> cmd —> ipconfig /all on all of you for computers.

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Valentin N

Thanks for the reply. I had already checked all the Mac addresses from my home, it doesn’t match. I tried it on the link you posted, but nothing came up. It is possible that it is a neighbor trying to get into my wireless network. Who that would be, I am not sure though.

It wouldn’t surprise me if a neighbor is trying to use you WLAN.

The best thing would be to to add block this MAC address and this is how you can do it: CIS —> Firewall —> Network Security Policy —> Blocked Zones —> Add —> A new blocked address —> A MAC address

try to see if you can add this MAC to the black list in your router or stealth.

Valentin N

This is an IPv6 address. Can you see if one of your computers at the local network uses this IP v6 address?

Is there an open port at the router with number 2048? Then it is most likely from the outside world.

I think it is not a mac address. It is too long and it won’t fit in the mac address spot. It is not an ip address.

I had my IPV6 disabled. The other is a desktop that uses XP. I do not even think it has an IPV6 address. My daughter has a computer, but I don’t know her password. I don’t believe she uses IPV6. She does have a new I touch contraption. I added her mac address to my network. I willl check on the router with an open port of 2048.

That port was not being hit when I looked at the firewall. I could not see where to tell that from looking at the router. I am new to having a wireless network, just got it in December. The Comodo firewall I have only had for 3 days or so. I had Online Armor before that. My router should not have let any body connect to my network, because I had all blocked except for 4 mac addresses. So you would think the Comodo firewall would not even ask me about this. The XP has not been used all day. Only my computer, my daughter’s, and her I Touch were used today.

The easiest way to go with this is setting the firewall to stealth. The default settings will alert for unsolicited requests. With the stealth setting you will not be alerted anymore. To set your computer stealth run the Stealth Ports Wizard and choose Block all incoming connections.

To learn more about how to open ports (an through this learning you learn where to look for manually opened ports on your router) go to http://portforward.com.

There may be an open port made by the Universal Plug and Play interface of your router by one of the computers at your network. Check the router’s manual to see where the Universal Plug and Play can be enabled. That may have been opened anytime after you started using the router.

If you have uPnP interface enabled in XP you can check for the ports opened by uPnP

On a not unimportant side note. When you wish to disable IPv6 on Win7/Vista you need to follow this tutorial.


The address you have received is surely a IPv6;
Can you post a screen shot of your firewall alerts?
(CIS > firewall > firewall events)
e80::f028:a251:7fa1:2048 is the address you were referring to
e80:0:0:0:f028:a251:7fa1:2048 is the actual address written out.
and here it is fully uncompressed 0E80:0000:0000:0000:F028:A251:7FA1:204
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Does anyone know if an I Touch has an IPV6 on it?

In Version 4.0 is IPv6 Native;

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I do not know what Native means. My daughter got a new I Touch a few days ago.

I’ve requested more help from another mod to assist you; native means that it will be using IPv6

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Alrighty thank you Jake.

Thank you. I put that IPV6 address on block for Comodo. I couldn’t figure out how to do that with my router though. I only have 4 mac address allowed, as I mentioned previously.

Please consider this topic closed. I know who was trying to get into my network now, and the whole thing is resolved. Thank you so much for your replies. I am going to look up how to set this Comodo to stealth settings. ;D

CIS > Firewall > Stealth Ports Wizard > Bottom Option

Anything else i can help you with?


Jake, I got it set to stealth settings blocking all incoming requests. You guys have me fixed up. Thank you so much for your help, and everyone’s comments. OA was easy for me to use, and I used it for years. But I read very good things about Comodo, and I wanted to try it out. I have the sandbox disabled, and I guess that is okay. I don’t want to be bugged by my firewall, unless it is sensing an intrusion. If that is okay the way I have it set, I am finished with the thread. You guys have saved my entire week helping me out like that.

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