[RESOLVED] About Comodo Firewall Pro and Comodo Firewall Pro Plus

Hi , what’s the difference between Comodo FIrewall Pro and Comodo Firewall Pro Plus? (:NRD)

That can be found on the main page. Comodo is always free but the Plus is a warranty if you get infected. Read here.


Set your Security Level for the Firewall and HIPS to Disabled

Open PFE
Select Summary (top centre)
Centre left it says “The Firewall security level is set to …” whatever
the whatever is a link - click and you can adjust.


Excuse me the both of you. Did you even read what Unreal typed. He asked about Comodo Pro and Pro Plus. Both BlueEyed and Alan are way off. Read my reply. Thats what he needs to know.

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LOL sded. I just had to give my 2 cents. Sorry if it was !ot!. I did leak the OEP to what he needs.

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