resolve IP to hostname

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I’m sorry if this was asked before but I haven’t find it.
Anyhow, is it possible when alert pops saying that some app is trying to connect to some ip , to see in brackets behind that IP hostname of that IP ?
Of course, I understand that rules are IP based but that info itself would be much helpful in deciding should I allow it or not.

Thank You for any answer.

No, but it has been suggested before in the wishlist board. One then you can do is block it, then use nslookup or someother dns lookup tool to figure out the dns/hostname of the IP address. Or you can do it as soon as the alert pops up.

Thanks, it’s a shame really, it’s so easy to put thet in application, many firewalls have that.

I couldn’t agree more. An IP is very useless to know (unless it’s, a hostname is much more telling. Since Comodo is offering the secure DNS service, the integration could benefit from it. This should not only be for security alerts but also for the list of active connections.

Showing only the IP limits Comodo’s target audience to very technically adept people. This would be a good step towards a broader audience, I believe.

@Comodo: PLEASE consider this proposal! :slight_smile:

Yes, and I’m thinking about removing Comodo because of that, shame , because I like it very much :frowning:

IP resolver is simply a standard for firewalls. Bare IP says nearly nothing. I have to use shell commands and waste time to do it manually just to find out that it was connection to a safe host. So: :-TU

Would be nice if someone from Comodo would say something about this.

I agree, we need such an option

Having an IP Resolver integrated into the Comodo Firewall Pro would be a great asset because it is very time consuming to do manual Reverse IP Searches.


I mean , more than 6 months and no response from Comodo whatsoever ???

Is the question that hard , what’s going on ?

I would really hate to switch to another firewall because of this :-TD

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check out the CIS Charrette - Firewall Alert ( the sticky topic )

the author had approached it in a nice way , hopefully the developers will listen.

Yeah, well, you hope, I hope …

Months are going by …

Really can’t wait for another 6 months just to hear “No, we will not doing that” or “Yes, thank you, we will introduce it” or whatever answer , by ignoring this completely it makes me wonder do I really want to stick with this software anymore. Simple question and Comodo just don’t give a f*** :-\

+1, I like this idea

Resolving IP addresses into DNS names is a MUST for Firewalls!

I am preety lucky with the CIS, but some times i think to go to another firewall with that function - and there are many :-\

You could use PC Tools firewall–which won’t let you abort connections. You could use Zonealarm–which won’t even let you see the connections. IMO Comodo is almost perfect, and I wouldn’t drop it simply because it doesn’t resolve hostname. But i concur; resolve hostnames please, Comodo. Listen to your devoted users.

Although It lets you block by hostname if you already know it. ???

there is a wish for that Comodo Forum



This will be my next update to my cis firewall alert charrette. I honestly can’t believe I left that feature out.

Word from above is that Comodo is focusing on features right now over usability.

And to the OP. Don’t get too discouraged about developers not giving you a heads up of anything. It seems to be protocol that they don’t interact directly with the wish list forum.

absolutely needed. remembering the ip in question (yes, yet another annoyance - you can’t even copy the ip from the popup! correct me if I’m wrong) in order to whois it using a web browser doesn’t seem right to me…

Never mind , fuck it … who needs that shit anyway ?
Focus on registry cleaner and other ■■■■■■■■ :-TU

Killswitch will resolve hostnames of all your connections. You can replace the taskmanager with Killswitch, but I wish there was also a way to replace the firewall’s active connection window with the one from killswitch too.