Resolution for CIS slow boot after latest update

Hi All,

The latest CSI updated has some issues on a very limited subset of users.

There is a slow boot depending on PC speed, from around 60 seconds to 180 seconds. The system will boot successfully.

Once the system boots the issue will not happen again on further restarts. Users resetting the system before boot will experience the same slow boot on restart.

The fix therefor is just to simply wait for your system to boot, then reboot. If for some reason the problem persists after a full system restart, then alternatively the following steps can be taken.

Run regedit and locate


And delete the key:


Then reboot.

Let us know if this solves the issues.

NOTE: Please use regedit with extreme caution.


Here the initialization is very slow since the update. Double the normal time, at least. I tried to do what you did, but I can not find that key. Follow the screenshot.

Hi Felipe,

Do you still experience a slow start even after the 2nd reboot?

Windows services (windows update and others) leaves the system slow;
Updating cis after version 10 may have something to do with it;
but the cause may be even windows (1809) or incompatibility between the system and the CIS.


The issue this resolution is for is the slow boot only. The system seems to freeze for 60 to 180 seconds.

If you don’t have that registry entry, and you then reboot the issue should go away. If you have slow system overall, this appears to be a different issue not related to the update.

Can you confirm after a reboot you still find a slow system start?

Yes! :-\

Hi Felipe,

Can you please check the regkey again in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce or HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceand see if there is “StopServiceRestart” key?
And while the coputer is slowly booting can you enter Task Manager and see if you have a process called “StopService.exe” running?

Thank you in advance !

I’m finding bootup of Windows 10 (and start of CIS 11) to be slower also - I will check this when I get home (Win 10 17763.104 and CIS 11 (6510) and report back…