Residual Connections/Policy and misuse other policy problem (~3.5.55810.432 x32)

Residual Connections problem, Residual Policy problem and misuse other policy problem.

1.Residual Connections problem (~3.5.55810.432 x32)

Connections Statistics is not correct, some inactive connections of residual. (e.g. P2P or some software)

SUMMARY->Network Defense->Connections Statistics (and “Active Connections” windows)
CIS/CFP “Connections Statistics” show altogether 8x connections. (all TCP from “single software”)

“Spybot-S&D” Tools->Process Lists->“P2P or some software”->Open Network Ports, total is 3x connections.

Extreme situation
CIS/CFP “Connections Statistics” show altogether XXX connections.
“netstat -s” show TCP “Current Connections” is XX.
“Spybot-S&D” Tools->Process Lists->“P2P or some software”->Open Network Ports, total is XX connections.

Please check the firewall connections mechanism, established connection is maintained active or cut off.

2.Residual Policy problem (~3.5.55810.432 x32)

in short time, Residual Policy problem of “P2P or some software” after close. (need incoming connections)

Software is close, the firewall “Active Connections” also clear the Software.
but firewall will immediately re-create the “Software name/icon” in “Active Connections” of new incoming connections???

3.Misuse other application policy problem (CFP ~ x32)

in some situations, firewall very low probability misuse other application policy.

“Active Connections” is show the other application name/icon, and use the application policy.

e.g. I play online game, firewall misuse “web browser” policy, finally I can’t play the game (game server is not connected)
when I exit the game to view my firewall events, I see my “web browser” some connection attempts has blocked…

Please check the firewall application policy mechanism.

Sorry for my bad english.