Resgistry Backup

Why cant there be a registry backup capability in CIS…???

Maybe because that’s a task of Comodo Backup ?

You can also use a script like this to backup a full registry hive for example HKLM:

c:\windows\system32\reg.exe export HKLM c:\data\backups\registry\registry.hklm.reg

But why not integrating with CIS?? ???

maybe not.
Because CIs didn’t directly scan the registry like other anti-spyware programs.

Can you tell me what CIS would gain from backing up the registry ?
Backups are a task for a backup tool, CIS is for security, CBO is for backups…

And with Time Machine you don’t need this :wink: check it out if you have a spare system to test with

But just check this case:
Somehow the malware or virus got into the system and made changes to registry, then how can i revert my system to old configuration??
For example a virus made changes to the checked value for showall…folder tab…
then an average user can do nothing untill he depends on 3rd party tools…

This is where Time machine comes in to play, there is a version in Beta now.
And there will be a slimmed down version of this product in CIS version 4.x as being the “cure” product.

Just for cases like this… so it’s on the roadmap :-TU

Glad to hear that…
Waiting till the end of the year to test the beta…