Resetting Trusted Files List using COMODOs help

In a Trusted Files List, a user can have a list of files that were trusted by 2 means: Automatic (Trusted Vendor Software, Cloud Check, etc) and Manual.

Would be good if COMODO could add a boton in this Trusted File List, were the user can reset the list by “purging” the list and leaving only the files that COMODO trust… thus, removing the files that were added to the trust list manually by the user.

This would help in case a user accidentally trusted a file and cannot identify the file from the list in order to remove it. Or an unexperienced user added a file manually to the trusted file list, in a shared computer. Or simply because a user wants to check and verify the integrity of his/her trusted list, every now and then.

YES! This! I spent 20 minutes looking for file I trusted for experimental reasons, if I had accidentally trusted a file I didn’t want to trust, then I would have to search the list for a file that I perhaps couldn’t remember the name of! Having a purge option for these user trusted files would be a life saver.

It is a good idea, I would vote yes.

I personally do not very often have to add files manually.
If I ever get concerned I just remove all entries and let a rating scan rebuild the list.
I understand this is not suitable for anyone that has numerous custom entries.

Hmm, perhaps an option to only show user trusted files? That way you don’t get all of the automatically trusted files to scroll through and you don’t need to lose the other trusted files! Just a thought =S

This has been asked for, for a long time. Separate trusted files by Comodo and trusted files by user

I would really like to see such capability.

Or yeah, that could be an option…

Then it is about time for COMODO to add this long time request. 88)

I would never use such a function. What is needed is an easier way to see the list like a search function for specific names or locations.

I do use the current purge function frequently though to remove all the things that were trusted but no longer exist on the system. You wind up with a lot of temporary files in the list that were automatically added and the list can get very bulky if you don’t purge it once in a while.