resetting to default???

hi, i’ve been using comodo dragon as my default browser for a while now, and every now and then it resetts itself to default settings, which makes me have to re-install themes, extentions, and sometimes re-do autofill login info, please help

i’m using v. on win 7 ultimate 32bit

I start using comodo dragon today and i noticed it always resetting my config for every pages
in this forum for example i use 2x zoom in the browser to remove the big margins in the border
Chrome and Firefox save the changes but dragon no
i think it has to do with it “security for safer browser” but it need to be fixed to only reset what is necessary to keep the privacy like cookies don’t related to loggings or history
Remember this browser does not pretend to be the default browser
only the one you wish to use for money transfers like buying thinks or bank check, and other things (i know you wan to see porn).
for all other normal browser u should use chrome.