resetting firewall [Resolved]

i have comodo firewall pro and love it. I gave something permission to access the web and now want to revoke it I tried to define a new blocked application but it did not work. Is there a way to reset my firewal and start over? Thanks for any responses.

Hi eversoul, if you denied access to the internet using the firewall component of CFP, you can go into the firewall tab of the program, advanced, network security policy, find the program in there and edit the settings.

Also, I’m going to move this thread to its more appropriate area where maybe you can get more help if you need it. Please let us know if this works.


something even easier you can do, goto Network Security Policy in the firewall tab, scroll down till you find the program you allowed to access the web and select remove for that program.

next time the program runs the firewall will pop up a warning box asking if you want to allow it to connect or block it

thanx everyone for your responses. I am a bit of a noob so I am learning as i go. I took rons suggestions and everything worked perfectly I can now use the software program w/o it trying to access the internet. as far as which version of comodo i have i just downloaded it 3 days ago for free off comodo. once again thanx to everyone who postrd responses, if i have any problems in the future i know where to go :BNC (R)

Eversoul, glad your experience here was a good one. Please come back in the future if you have any questions about other Comodo Products you may decide to use. Since your problem seems to have been resolved I will lock this topic and mark it as resolved. If you have any other questions on this topic please PM myself or another moderator asking us to unlock it with this threads URL.