Resetting CFP

After some bad experiences with ZAP, I decided to try the COMODO suite of tools :). I apparently have answered incorrectly to some ‘learn’ prompts. I have an XP system on Toshiba Tecra laptop with wireless bellsouth router internet connection. I’m confused; CFP has blocked ZERO intrusions. I’ve had the CFP logo disapear and the system is asking me if I should allow CFP.exe access or (perhaps) it is denied (can’t remember).

I tried reading through some of the FAQ’s and NUMERIOUS writings on the board.
Should I now completely uninstall and then follow the “CFP v3 Installation - Step by Step by Little Mac” to get back to a good starting point? ???
fyi, I think I was installing the Comodo anti virus software and CFP at the same time, you can imagine the 100’s of pop us…

Hi jb user

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Yes, it would be a good idea to follow the installation guide by LM. First follow this uninstall guide to make sure that you start clean.


Where is the “CFP v3 Installation - Step by Step by Little Mac” located?

Here you are movrshakr


Hi there…

I’m having similar issues with no blocked intrusions etc. So the easiest way to get it back to default settings is to un-install and re-install the program?

As a side note:
I was also wondering, where can I find items such as what networks I’m allowing connections to and from? I know I set up a bunch of this with the older version of CFP, but haven’t been able to locate in v 3.0. I checked in network zones, but that only shows my wireless and some loopback zone (that’s supposed to be there, right?).

Any feedback would be great! Thanks!