Reseting Defense+

Well, what do I need to do to start Defense+ from scratch?

-Remove all the rules from Computer Security Policy? (including Windows Applications and Comodo Firewall rules)
-Disable permantely and re-enable after boot?
-Delete a certain file from Comodo folder?
-Uninstall and re-install the whole thing? (hope this is NOT the solution :P)

After that shall I set in on Clean PC mode or learning mode?


Your better off doing a complete uninstall and reinstall. Use Revo Uninstall in advanced mode and when Comodo says reboot, dont and delete all registry and program entires.

Do NOT delete “windows system apps”, “comodo firewall pro” groups and “explorer.exe”, otherwise you can be locked out from using computer if defense+ is active.

Btw, the best thing is to export (default) config just after CF is installed. Then when you want reset settings, import default config.

I think I’ll go for the disable/re-enable thing and leave it in training mode for a week or two since I have a clean system!

Nah, goodbrazer just said that you shouldn’t do that. Alot of users have complained in the past because of messing things up by their own fault, as in doing what you just posted. The export/import rules feature has been working (for awhile I think?) and should be the best option.

Well I’ve done it once again in the past and didn’t have any problems, only thing I can’t remeber if it kept the rules.
If it keeps the rules, then it doesn’t actually “resets” anything, does it :stuck_out_tongue:

A complete uninstall and reinstall is the best way, but it can’t be the only way!
I mean I just want to get rid of the rules, without beeing locked out from my system!

Hey, no need to do it - i can PM you default 3.0.18 config file (if you need it).
…Btw, 3.0.19 version has been released, so, you may also install newest 3.0.19 from scratch and export default config like i said before (for future “resets”).

Here is the solution: First you can delete all your rules including the default ones.
After this go to the miscellaneous tab, select manage my configuration/select/comodo optimum security
If it is grayed out it is because you are already using it. If so, select network security, and right after that optimum security. This will restore all the default rules. Btw a new update has arrived, which may replace your older configuration to a new default one. So first please try that, and if the update doesn’t solves it try my version.
Hope it helps,


I think I’ll go for the disable/re-enable thing and leave it in training mode for a week or two since I have a clean system!

For this case IMHO cleanpc mode is the best. It will learn everything found on your system at the time of activating, but also protect from anything newly added, which if in training mode would be also learned w/o questions.

Thanx for all your answers!!

I have a question.

Clean PC mode says: All the executable files in the fixed drives, are assumed safe and every action of the safe executable files are learnt.

If I install a program, for example RealPlayer, setting Defense+ in installation mode, are all the exe files of RealPlayer assumed safe after installation?

“New executables files introduced to the PC are not assumed safe” → This confuses me!

If you are in Clean PC mode any new executable intoduced to the PC will be put in the “My Pending Files” list.You can then use the various options available to decide what to do with them.


A bit off topic, but I have to say that Defense+ is superb.

I’ve been doing some tests using several real time and HIPS programs all at the same time and found out that not only once would any other program act faster than Comodo!

0.00% CPU usage, 5mb of RAM, how is this possible?

Please stay free for all times!!

Thanx Comodo!! (:LOV)