Reset Unknow/Trusted/ lists

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Hi. This problem has plagged CIS/Firewall since the beginning. Sometimes, some files on the Unknown/Trusted/ lists can’t be deleted, moved, purged, sent to analysis, etc… because of some bug. They can be present or not on the list, and when you click ok, and open the window again, there they are (on the widget, they are always there.) Adding other unknow files, only rev’s up the number, and they can be deleted and the list comes back to the original bugged number that it was showing. On CIS6 it was possible to delete a file on the database folder of Comodo’s installation folder, and the list of Unknown files was resetted. Since CIS7/Firewall, this kind of fix is not possible anymore. The only solution is to reinstall CIS/Firewall.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
It would be nice to see a button or an option to reset these lists. Like the button/option to reset the Sanbox.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
I know the problem is caused by a bug, but an option to reset the lists could also be usefull to clear those lists in a fast way.

4. Any other information:
Just think about it… 8)


The Trusted Files, among other things, are now stored in .sqlite files. When I install CIS, I immediately save copies of the new files (just in case). Then, if you have corrupted files, you can replace them with the original backups (you will lose your current data, but not have to reinstall CIS).;msg746841#msg746841

Sorry. Export/Import/Reset wish request is already present in the tracker.

I hope you understand.
In the meantime, I will move your wish request to the “Added/Rejected Wishes” section.

Thank you.

Yeah, I know. But it should be possible to completely reset these settings. Like the diagnostics tool replace them with the original files automatically with the push of a button.

Ok, that’s fine ;D

I totally agree. Having that feature would simplify setups on multiple systems as well as cure corrupted files. I would also like to be able to Import/Export the D+ and Firewall rules separately, opposed to saving them in the general config file.

  1. Import/Export the D+ rules.
  2. Import/Export the Firewall rules.
  3. Import/Export the Trusted Files list.
  4. Import/Export the General CIS Configuration.

These should all be separated. IMO