Reset Server Connection

I have recently installed CPF after using Sygate. Since the installation, I have been receiving an error message:
“The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.”
The browser I use is Firefox.
Is this a known problem and if so is it possible to fix it.
Thank you.

Hi this is probably about ICMP FRAGMENATION NEEDED messages problem.

Please follow the instructions in the post below and let us know if it solved your problem:,626.msg3865.html#msg3865


Thank you for the info.
I have made the changes and I will report back in a day or so if all is OK.

Despite making the changes, the problem is back again after apparently going away for a couple of days. I have checked and I now have the same rules as you.

Can you try the BETA version? PErhabs it will solve your problems. But it will remove your previous configurations.


The only way that I can resolve this issue is to remove CPF and reinstall Sygate. The problem then goes away. Shame really because I liked CPF.