Reset sandbox - secure deletion

I think I have seen this requested previously but thought I would refresh the wish
An option for secure deletion of the sandbox/kiosk would be a good addition to CIS
The kiosk is obviously designed to be a secure environment, it also doubles as an isolated area which leaves no local traces, cookies, history etc - ideal for sensitive/private use.
However any data can easily be recovered after deletion with any half decent recovery software.
An option to use secure deletion would solve this problem and make CIS and the kiosk even more powerful.

Because the question is whether I would use it or not I voted No.

Reason 1: Because I’d rather have the files completely encrypted instead (you’d probably have to use a password then) encryption provides better security than just secure deletion. Why? Because I’ve read a few instances of when “securely deleted” information has been recovered even though it should be totally wiped away, and no I can’t give a source on that since I can’t find it hence you shouldn’t take my word on that because I actually don’t know if it’s true or not. But there’s a reason why many companies destroy their hard-drives instead of securely deleting the content and re-use them. :wink:
The reason why encryption would be better is because even if the deleted files were to be recovered, the data wouldn’t be readable.
But then we could take it one step further and make the data encrypted AND securely deleted.

Reason 2: Depending on what level of security you want, it could take a much longer time to clean the sandbox. And I’d assume, as a security suit, it would use the Gutmann method or something like that which from my experience really takes a long time. However that is because the method uses passes for several different encryptions and hence if the encryption is known then perform all 35 passes is just a waste of time and resources and doesn’t necessarily provide a better deletion. But then again I don’t think Comodo knows which encryption everyone is using hence they would probably have to use something like this, unless they’re able to see that with some kind of analyzing.
But really, the time it takes to currently clean the sandbox is pretty much the longest I’d like it to run, if it runs for several minutes then I’ll just think something is wrong.

Either way, if you’re concerned about files on your hard-drive then I recommend you encrypt them with any good software, I personally recommend TrueCrypt. It should however be noted that this slows performance since you’d have to decrypt and encrypt on the fly.

I got crypto up to my eyeballs ;D
I employ Truecrypt full disc encryption and individual files axcrypted - pretty secure whilst AES 256 still is - probably secure until quantum computers become a reality.
I believe privacy can be equated to security in the terms of layers - layers are good crypto + secure deletion = a very hard nut to ■■■■■.
That is a very good point regarding the time it would take to reset the sandbox :-TU I hadn’t thought of this.
I would like to see several options starting at a simple single overwrite with random data or even zeros.
overwritten data takes some serious forensic expertise to recover if even possible at all, more than enough to serve the purpose and very quick to perform.
Option 2 could be a 3x overwrite and third and final something like Bruce Schneider’s 7x algorithm for just in case lol

I voted No only because I don’t use the Sandbox or Kiosk features.