Reset sandbox loop

SO what does one do, when you exit your sandboxed browser and go to reset the sandbox, and 30 minutes later it is still trying to reset, you can not kill the process, restarting the machine has no effect, short of uninstalling, i am at a loss…

I too had this prob couple of times. I closed the reset sandbox window when it was taking longer than usual & opened again & second time the reset was always quick & successful.

I close it and it still runs in the background, once the window is closed, if i try to open and delete it again, it results in an error, shutting down CIS and restarting it does no good, even restarting the machine. I just uninstalled CIS off my system because i could not get it to stop. This is on a windows 8 machine, if anyone knows why, or wants to look into it…

Sadly, as you uninstalled CIS, it’s no longer possible to look into this more. I’ve seen this a few times on my system, and these were caused by a process running Fully Virtualized (FV) which did not stop running. I was going to ask you if there were any processes running as FV during this time, but as you have uninstalled I assume you do not know.

If this happens again please check for these processes and, regardless, I believe this would be worthy of making a bug report for.

Thank you.

I’ve been getting this too and have made a bug report for it, thanks for the tip about virtualized processes still running, I will check that the next time it happens.

Though for me, a simple computer restart will “fix” the problem with the reset sandbox thing running in the background however it may still occur at a later time when trying to reset the sandbox again.

Link to my bug report if anyone with the same problem wants to add anything:

It was the only way to get it to stop, i tried everything… At the time it first started, there were no (FV) processes running. After attempting to shut it down a few times, i reopened the browser “sandboxed” again, then closed it and opened the “reset sandbox” to kill the 3 processes now running (FV) and it would error out like it was doing to begin with. I tried killing the processes (FV) in killswitch with no luck. I restarted the system a few times, and as soon as CIS loaded, it would continue where it left off… So finally, i uninstalled, and reinstalled, and am good to go for now… Staying a little shy of the sandbox for the time being until more is learned of why, cost me some time this morning…