Reset Sandbox isn't continuing from "Starting"

Just want to know if anyone else has this issue? :THNK

Re-installing now to see if that fixes it.

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Working fine for me on Windows 7 x64.

It would sometimes work and sometimes it wouldn’t, when it wouldn’t it would just go on and on for hours. I think there might have been a problem with my installation so I re-installed it now and I’m currently setting it up to my liking again. (I don’t like to use config files so it takes a while)

Okay, if you encounter that behavior again please report it as a bug. At least my thinking is that if everything else is working correctly, and even after reinstalling you encounter the same behavior, it seems like a bug.

It’s probably still worth reporting as a bug. If you don’t mind could you please create a bug report about this problem in this section of the forum?


Made a bug report, found here:;new#new