reset sandbox - deletion method

Hi all
from a privacy standpoint, how secure is the sandbox deletion method ie, can deleted/reset data from a browser be recovered.

No one knows yet, but if you want secure browsing:
1: Install TrueCrypt
2: Make 3-encryption based container with enough storage, one panic password and one password for your use
3: Extract TOR inside that container
4: Browse happily

Brotip: extra slow, but first connect to VPN, say and then connect to TOR :P0l
Brotip2: Use LiveCD TOR capable Linux Distro and run from CD…

If the same as in mods Beta, it’s just a standard OS delete.

To confirm try using an undelete tool on the VT root hidden directory. (Don’t actually undelete, might cause problems, just see if it lists files that can be undeleted.

Please secure delete (and what kind) to wishlist if you want it.


Thanks but I prefer whole disc truecrypt crypto and nonlogging VPN’s chained, 1 in a host and 1 in a virtual machine :wink:

Thanks for info, good to know, will try an undelete after I finish work,
will post my findings and add to wishlist.

thanks again

That’s OK :slight_smile:

Hi all

Ok I have run Recuva against C:VTRoot, I initially had a problem as VTRoot only "exists as a file when a virtual application is running.
When Recuva is run against a “fresh” instance of VTRoot data from the previous reset/deleted sandbox is recovered.
I’m guessing that a whole disk recovery/undelete scan would also recover this data regardless of whether C:VTRoot is in “existence” or not.

mouse1 this confirms that this deletion method is the same as the mod beta - standard OS delete 8)


Thanks for this confirmation it’s now in the Introduction