Reset rules

Once COMODO has been running for a while it is likely that at least some users will have inadvertently created rules that they should not have created or perhaps would not have created if they had fully understood COMODO’s user query. After a time, I am sure every user has many rules in their profile. I know that COMODO allows users to review, edit and delete every rule that exists in his or her profile but reviewing every rule seems like a very arduous task (especially if you’re not sure what you are looking for). Is it advisable to delete all rules from time to time or maybe even do a clean re-install to make sure no rules exist that might give a dangerous app access to your system.

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If you want to start clean it is also possible to import a clean configuration using Manage My Configurations. In the installation folder of CIS holds back up factory default configurations that you can import to start clean.

Thanks Eric. Great to know.