Reset LSP stack to resolve a problem. now do I have to reinstall BoClean?

I had a problem today with my Avira email guard & the solution I found on their forum entailed resetting the LSP stack. Avira site mentions that “if you have any other software that uses the LSP stack (usually security related), then this will need to be reinstalled also.”

so now that I’ve cleared that up, do I need to reinstall BoClean?
what about Verification engine - either IE or firefox?
AND – since I expect to install Comodo firewall shortly & never know whether this will pop up again using Avira, would Comodo firewall need to be reinstalled if that is reset again?


& here’s what I did, in case it helps anyone else

RE: Avira Unable to Start Mail Service (MailGuard)
ERROR The validation of the AntiVir LSP failed. Error code: 48

There seems to be a problem with your LSP stack.

Please follow these instructions:-

  • open a command prompt and type the following command:
    netsh winsock reset
  • restart the computer. This is very important
  • go to Control panel → Add/Remove programs → select AntiVir Premium and then press Change. Select Modify and Next button until Finish
  • restart again the computer. This is very important

This should reset the LSP stack, and renew AntiVir’s LSP.

Note that if you have any other software that uses the LSP stack (usually security related), then this will need to be reinstalled also.

I use Antivir PE Premium and I have the same issue from time to time. I’ve not managed to source the LSP conflict but I repair it by going to add/remove programs and clicking on Change next to the Antivir program and then just clicking next all the way through and then finish. It seems to work for about a couple of weeks and then doesn’t work again. My Antivir PE Premium runs out in a couple of months. I’m contemplating a change to another AV but I can’t decide between either using my Kaspersky AV 7.0 from my other machine that I don’t use very often or investing in NOD32 or something better?


i don’t think you would need to reinstall BOClean after repairing the LSP stack…

you would only need to reinstall programs that are tied into the LSP stack, programs like “antivir”, with its “mailguard”, or other av-programs that have a “mailguard” and so are tied into the “LSP stack”…

my ignorance is showing! What does the LSP stack do exactly? in simple english javascript:void(0);
Wink / What kind of security sw is tied into the it? Does anyone know that BoClean / CFP3/ Verification engine do NOT tie in?

stormy, you are not “ignorant”, not any more “ignorant” than the rest of us…

you could do a google-search for “lsp stack” if you want to read some about it…

wikipedia: A Layered Service Provider (LSP) is a feature of the Microsoft Windows Winsock 2 Service Provider Interface (SPI). A Layered Service Provider is a DLL that uses Winsock APIs to insert itself into the TCP/IP stack. Once in the stack, a Layered Service Provider can intercept and modify inbound and outbound Internet traffic. It allows processing all the TCP/IP traffic taking place between the Internet and the applications that are accessing the Internet (such as a web browser, the email client, etc). For example, it could be used by a computer security program, which analyzes the traffic in search for viruses or other threats before transferring it to the final application of the traffic.

well & good, - it sure seems like a firewall would be doing exactly that, while BoClean comes into its own after scanners have failed & malware is attempting to execute, but this is a guess at best, & if the security sw is running but disabled, I think it’s important to address it. I’m not going to hazard a guess re Verification Engine - it’s on my machine & reading something online, so it does “process info trafficked between me & the internet.” Not necessary to use the LSP stack to do that though… I’d really appreciate a definitive answer from Comodo.

hey it really is unlocked! great! thank you!

Now (it’s been so long, what was my question?) :wink: - oh, yes:
Which of Comodo’s security programs are tied in to the LSP stack, such that if I have to reset my LSP stack again to repair Avira AV, I will then need to reinstall that software as well?

I currently have BoClean, CFW 3 with Defense, Verification Engine, & iTrust (with the future possibility of Memory Firewall)?

Moderators: Do you want me to post this question item by item in each products’ thread, & edit out the names of the other Comodo products here? or leave this here as is?

Didn’t I answer this question back in January? You still having LSP stack problems?

Stormy, for you, I’ll make an exception :wink: (plus it would be tedious). I found an answer from Melih:

Clapping Thankyou!

antispam & secure email - in the beta antivirus sw?
cause I haven’t found any reference to them in CFP yet, though I’ve barely scratched the surface.
(Just wait till I finish the help file & searching through the forums - you’ll be hearing from me with a list of any remaining questions about it!