reset defense+ summary blocked intrusion count

Hi there,

I would like to have the summary of defense+ start over every day, so I see if there were any intrusion attempts today.
Is there a way to reset the count once I click on the number or such thing?


Hi Moonriver,

If you go to Def+ > View Def+ Events and then click on “more”, you’ll have an history of the logs not only of the actual day but of the previous ones as well. Should be what you’re looking for.


Thanks for the reply Boris,

but what I’m looking for is to reset the intrusion count on the summary page, since it is a consecutive number it is hard to tell if the alerts are from today or not.


on the summary page, the intrusion count is reset each time you reboot your computer. So the number shows the intrusions during the session.


Yes, I know.

I normally dont reboot and just go into stand-by, so it keeps adding up.
Noting major, was just wondering.

Thanks again

I know this topic is over a year old but to reset the number of intrusions without shutting down your pc, just exit Comodo at the taskbar and restart Comodo and the number will be reset to 0.