Reset Baseline update major problem - fixed

Well did I have fun tonight… I decided to reset my baseline (never again).
Great program and a lifesaver Comodo as the snapshot feature is incredible.
But onto my problem…
Clicked on Boot on the reset page in main menu of Comodo. Computer rebooted and got to 74% on the setting New Baseline page and then locked up!!!.. Couldnt do anything including Safe mode etc.
Restarted the computer and noticed it went up to 75%. Restarted again and it increased to 76% and so on.
Not good to have to restart 20 odd times but hoped once it got to 100% it would load up my internet.
IT DID! Thank god for that…

Dont know if this is a common problem and hopefully it isnt. I will certainly not be updating my Baseline again.
Hope this helps anyone with the same problem. If anyone has a quicker solution let me know.

Hmmm… Do a quick backup of your data/documents…
If something get wrong, you can be at risk.
Also, run
chkdsk /R
in your disks.

Thanks will be backing up my Docs/Data/Incredimail and Mozilla settings today.
I really thought I was in big trouble and last backups to the above was in Sept 2009.
At least one good thing came out of it I will be backing up to the latest.
Problem seems to be resolved though. I have taken a snapshot and will try to go back to it tommorrow just to test it out and make sure it is working ok.
Will do a check discs as well.