Reset all warning dialogs?

I wanted to enter Virtual Kiosk and a message popped up saying that it’s recommended that I install Silverlight and Comodo Dragon in order to fully benefit from Kiosk.

I wanted to discard the message and I checked “Don’t show this again” box. However, I accidentally pressed “Yes” button instead of “No” and now when I try to enter Virtual Kiosk, UAC Control pops up so that I can download COMODO Dragon (I have Silverlight installed already).

I prefer using other browser than COMODO Dragon. But now I am stuck in the option of automatically download COMODO Dragon. So I cannot enter Virtual Kiosk unless I choose to download and install COMODO Dragon, which I don’t want to.

How could I reset the settings so that I can enter Virtual Kiosk?

Thanks for your feedback. :wink:

Hi cocalaur,
This currently requires an edit to the Windows registry, using caution follow the steps in my reply 4 in the link below.
CIS 6.1 Virtual Kiosk

I have also created a wish in the following link.
Option to Show/Hide the install Dragon & Silverlight dialog box within the GUI.

Hope that helps.