Resending faxes

Sure would be nice if I didn’t have to recreate a fax from scratch to resend it. Seems like if I can click a link to show what I sent then I should be able to click another link to resend it. If you guys are interested in improving your service this would be a biggie.

It is ironic … this is the first time I have visited this website. I was coming here because my fax exceeded the max nbr of tries and I needed to resend. Oila! I agree 100%.

I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how I could save a copy of a fax before I transmit. I (:AGY) clearly saw the fax in the “tracking” page, but I did’t know how to get it back to the send section.

You can add my vote to your wish!

The document that you faxed can be stored on the send page. To resend the fax from your account, click on send and select the checkbox next to the file name and enter the fax number to resend the document.
In the future you will be able to click on the resend directly from the tracking page without having to go to the send page to resend.