Researching Dragon, have two questions


What is Comodo CertSentry? I’m finding it difficult to uncover any information about what it is or how it works. Searching Comodo’s website and forums, and even Google does not result in anything helpful.

Second, there’s a forum page here which discusses SSL strength checking being selectable hard/soft with the release of Dragon 13.2. A selection for this currently isn’t in Dragon 19 or 20. Is the softer validation check now enabled as default in Dragon? In ‘hard’ mode, the browser warns of EV SSL certificates, and with the less strict rules, the user is not warned about websites with EV certs, is this the gist of how it should work?

Here’s the thread link, first post.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ins,
From Comodo Dragon V18 CertSentry was included/enabled.

More information about CertSentry found here.

Thanks for that link, Rob. It helped a lot. Why is it only accessible by creating a forum account?

Some more questions.

What are the criteria which would invoke a hard fail versus a soft fail? Is it as simple as, failed connection = treated as invalid as in Firefox?

How does CertSentry’s soft setting differ from the soft-fail method of OCSP in the major browsers out now?

Would I be correct to assume that CertSentry takes the place of the certificate validity checking Comodo included with Dragon prior to version 18?

Thank you.

Hi Ins,
The Beta section is limited to members only, due to the fact that the products from within there are not final and still require testing before releasing to the open community.
Sorry your further questions have gone beyond my knowledge and I hope that someone with the expertise replies.