Rescue Disk

I just downloaded the Comodo Internet Security BETA and as always I was blown away. I absolutely love how you incorporated Killswitch in this release. My question is about another added feature ( which I am ecstatic about ). The option for the rescue disk.
The menu is a bit confusing.I have read through it several times but I am still unable to decipher its instructions completely.
The first option is labeled as optional and to be used if I already downloaded the ISO image, or it will be downloaded.
The second option is to choose the directory I want to have the ISO downloaded to.
The third, to start the burning of the ISO to DVD.

I have attempted to download the ISO but received an error message.

Is there a direct download for the Comodo Rescue ISO other then through the CIS interface?

If you could provide a simple walk through step by step on the complete process of downloading the ISO, it would be greatly appreciated. ;D

OK I figured out how to create the rescue disk. I had to go you the Comodo website homepage and look under Free Products. There you can download the ISO image. Once downloaded, you select the top option and select the file you just downloaded. Then you select the target ( in my case DVD ). Inserted the blank disk in the drive and selected Burn…done.
If it’s possible to do for the final release, you might want to consider rewording the text to inform that you have to first download the ISO image at a specified URL.
Or you could incorporate a drop down menu. An option to download the ISO ( hyperlink) and the option to search the directory to where the user downloaded the file to.

It is my belief that doing this will clear up any confusion. Anyways, hats off to the COMODO crew. You guys really knocked it out of the park with this one ! ;D