Rescue disk option does not work

I tried the rescue disk option but it gives an error.

i have a blank dvd I click on make and it downloads and installs but than I get an error and nothing is burned on DVD media?

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Did you download the ISO of Rescue Disk to your computer? If not get it from COMODO Rescue Disk 1.1.232326.14 is released! and then try again.

Oh well, thats not what CIS6 told. It all looked that CIS6 would download that iso and made the disk for me. If I download it I do not need the CIS6 software option.


I would have expected that CIS would provide the download options its self. Getting the ISO image manually seemed the only way though… :-\

You can manually download the CIS v6 version here:

Or check your C:\ProgramData\Comodo Downloader\cis\download\installs\2000\xml_binaries\crd folder which should contain a crd.iso file to burn.

How would it end up in that folder? To rephrase: what do we need to do to make CIS download the ISO image to that folder? I can’t seem to find it hence my advise to Eljo…

Create Rescue Disk, 2 Select Target Drive, e.g. your CD/DVD, 3 Start.
For me that downloaded the iso and after that it failed with an error, but the download was already done.

Else just past the link in your browser and save it to disk, and use an alternative to burn it

Is this a bug? The wording does imply that CIS is supposed to download it.

Can anyone confirm if this is a bug or intended behavior?

I never went that far as it seemed illogical to me…

That’s a different story :wink:
If I push 3 then it complains I need to select a target drive, if I do and press 2 to select the drive and then 3 again it downloads.