Rescue Discs in Windows XP

I installed Comodo Backup on Windows 7 and, after a few downloads, was able to create rescue discs. However, when I installed it on my wife’s computer running Windows XP, then spent several hours doing the downloads for the required components, the AIK it pointed me to is for Windows 7 only, and I can’t find an Automated Installation Kit for Windows XP, and Comodo Backup won’t make the rescue discs without it. The AIK for Windoes 7 won’t install in XP, naturally. I can’t even create an ISO because even that requires the AIK. So I have two questions:

  1. Would the rescue discs I made on my Windows 7 machine work? Seems unlikely, but just in case.
  2. Is there some other way to get the rescue disc made, or is XP just S.O.L.?

There’s not a lot of point in having a full system backup if you have no way to restore it if your system has crashed, after all.

Incidentally, the help files don’t even mention the rescue discs option.

good question as i would like to know this also as one of my pc’s are xp.using macrium reflect free because it has rescue disk.

Yes, they will work.

You can install AIK on XP, as you can see in the list of supported operating systems here:
Do you get an error when you try to install it?


Comodo Backup sends you to the Windows 7 version’s page, but yes, I did find that page before I posted.

Try downloading from that page. This is the error I get, on any computer I try it on, both on XP and a Windows 7 computer: “This version of the Windows Genuine Advantage validation tool is no longer supported.” I searched on that error message but there’s nothing very helpful to be found.

I found a questionable copy of it here:

It’s not entirely clear to me if it’s the same thing and if it’s legitimate. Nevertheless, I downloaded it and burned it to a disk, but the resulting disk gave me errors trying to read it.

I suppose it couldn’t hurt to try that again in case it was just a bad burn.