Require Permission for All Connections[RESOLVED]

Comodo is the most frustrating thing ever. I have been using Zone Alarm forever, but I cant get it to work with SP1 (and their support is poo) so now I’m trying Comodo.

What I want Comodo to do is to alert me and require my permission for ALL APPS trying to access the net. My base line test for this is when I start FireFox (or IE) and if Comodo requires permission. But it doesnt. It just starts right up and logs right on.

Now, I suppose I can figure out how to grant and deny access MANUALLY to individual apps, but surely there must be a simple setting to require my permission for all apps.

Yes? ???

Doesnt seem to crazy.

Thanks for the help.


Very easy solution.

Defense+/Advanced/Defense+ Settings

Set the Defense+ Security Level to Safe Mode

You will be alerted to all apps, But it will also learn them.


Welcome to the forums Gage,

If you put your firewall in “Custom Policy” you will be alerted when any application tries to access the net if it doesnt have a rule made for it in Firewall/Advanced/Application Rules. Therefore if you remove applications from "Application Rules" and set to "Custom" when you try to access the net with them you will get a pop up.As long as you dont tick “Remember my Answer” a rule will not be created.


The reason you did not get an alert for Firefox is cause its while list as a known good program. If you want alerts for every program which I find odd you need to do what Martty said.

Okay. I tried Matty’s instructions and it did not work. I also tried what 3xist suggested, it, also, did not work.

Here is a screenshot of the Rules settings:

Any other ideas?

...cause its while list as a known good program. If you want alerts for every program [b]which I find odd[/b]...

I dont see why it’s odd. I understand why Firefox would be on a “trusted” list. After all, whats the purpose of a browser if not to access the net, however, I dont think it odd that I care or control what is on that list. I imagine “Adobe Reader” is on the list as it should probably be “trusted”, however it is buggy POS and I only want it connecting and updating when I want it to. That is only one example and I am not looking to block a single app.

Hi Gage,

Try right clicking on the 2 ESET rules(which i believe are for the web shield) click edit and change them to “Ask” with logging if required.Or remove them if you wish.I don`t use NOD but it looks like all your computer is using loopback to filter all traffic through these.
In “View active connections” what does all the traffic come under?


@“V” i`m going back to the future ;D with the doc :-TU

That seems to have done it. To answer your question, all the traffic is under “ekrn.exe”, which when I reopened Firefox, it was ekrn.exe that was asking permission. (What’s “ekrn.exe”? I can only assume Firefox, but what the poo do I know?)

Thank you so much for the quick replies.

Im assuming (as i said ive never used the application) that ekrn.exe is the web shield part of your nod32 security application.All web browsing information will go through this,being scaned as it does so if anything that the program feels should not be allowed will be stoped and you will be alerted.

Maybe a fellow nod32 user may be able to confirm this.


Firefox/Internet explorer etc----->Loopback to your computer------>web shield------>Internet

I`m assuming (as i said i`ve never used the application) that ekrn.exe is the web shield part of your nod32 security application...

That makes sense, and it seems you are correct. Thanks so much for the help.

I`ll mark this down as RESOLVED if you need the topic re opening pm an online mod.