Requesting a recall of CIS 6/2013

I believe with all the issues and complaints involving CIS 6/2013, it may be fair to say that the product was released prematurely. As innovative as it is, many people seem to be coming come to the impression that CIS 6/2013 was rushed out of incubation.

Personally, this situation has me very uncomfortable with recommending Comodo to any of my clients and I fear that if my previous clients that have been using older editions of CIS (either by recommendation or by my direct service) install the upgrade, I’ll be complained to and it will reflect poorly on my own judgement. As such, I’ve put a hiatus on recommending any security programs at all (based on personal preferences), and this is a hindrance in my line of work as a technician.

While this is my own personal experience, I do feel that these sentiments are shared by many in this community. I still do support the technology which Comodo develops, but until this product line does the same justice in terms of QA as it does innovation, I cannot personally endorse this product any longer. I hope that this is not taken as an insult to the company or its community of supporters, but serves rather as a galvanizing force for standards improvements.

Please recall CIS for the sake of existing customers/users so that they do not encounter a product that should still be in testing. Leave product testing for the willing and able, not for the hapless public who would end up relying on technicians to save them from Comodo’s ill-advised haste.

Seems to me this issue is easily solved by…waiting to update. If they wait until a later date, assuming you believe these apparent bugs will be worked out after a bit more time, then everyone wins. Nobody is forcing an update, it’s not even possible through an internal update at this point. Just recommend that they wait.

That’s fine, if I can keep in contact with that many previous clients at once. And then there’s the fact that just because it isn’t available yet, doesn’t mean it won’t be. We also have to deal with clients who are senile, forgetful, inattentive, etc. ad nauseum. While clients are responsible for their own actions, they like to make others responsible when something goes wrong. Thus, again, this leads to Comodo being bad for business when the complaints do come in.

Edit: Essentially, I can’t cure my clients of technological illiterary. Why should I risk the consequences with my clients?

The developers are well aware of the headaches that can arise from a problematic release. I’m sure they weighed the risk versus reward before deciding to make the release. It’s completely their decision.

Of course. However, as a consumer and as an unofficial distributor, I take it upon myself to dispute their decisions as befitting my clientele. Basically, either way, I’m not going to recommend CIS 6/2013 till after this debacle is over, but I don’t know if I can even install CIS 5 on my clients’ machines now without having them run into problems should they go through with the update process.
I work in back as a tech, not usually as someone who handles customer complaints directly. Thus this isn’t just for my own benefit and convenience, but to save my coworkers at the front desk the trouble of hearing about how Comodo is causing them problems.

Hi BaiginLong,
I don’t agree, the serious issues have only been a small number compared to the number of users.
A big part of the complaints are about it aesthetics which with any major change takes a while to get used to.
Some advanced users have not liked the alterations of the advanced functionality, I would imagine this would not effect your clients as if they were advanced users they would not have the need for a technician to recommend products.
I have installed V6 on three of my own personal systems fortunately with no issues.
I am sorry you feel this way about V6, you will always see issues on any Forum as that is a place people go for help which causes issues to stand out.

It still comes down to personal choice remembering while life’s existence is present issues will be inevitable and none other than human made technology.

If early releases still concern you I agree with the suggestion from Watasha, let the major bugs get ironed and don’t update until such time as the program updater is ready.

No insults taken or given. :slight_smile:

Until the next update I may be a little wary of installing it on Windows 8 computers. It does appear that there are some somewhat serious bugs remaining with Windows 8. However, I know that Comodo is aware of that as well and there have been many good bug reports filed for these bugs. Thus, I’m sure they will be fixed for the automatic update.

In terms of any other OS I get the impression that there are very few serious problems. Thus, in terms of the release which will be pushed to V5 users I really do believe that these major bugs will definitely be fixed. I can guarantee you that Comodo also does not want to deal with a lot of customers saying that CIS does not work on their computers. In that regard both yourself and Comodo are probably in very similar boats. :wink:

Thus, my advise for now would be to advise users to use V5, which can be downloaded through the website. Then, by the time the automatic update to V6 is pushed through, these major bugs will be fixed.

What about the RAM usage spike and the more technical concerns? Just because most of the concerns are UI related, does not mean they are not substantial. The 30-some odd and growing pages on the release topic are a great percentage of complaints. That is hardly insignificant. In the car manufacturing world, this outcry would nearly be cause for congressional investigation. While user experience may vary, consistency in quality would be appreciated.

Ram usage spike issues have been very minimal, as with all the technical issues as I have said.

Also I am yet to see in the car world any recalls because a few consumers think the design and style doesn’t please everyone.

Edit: As far as the 30 or so pages in the release topic with a big percentage of complaints, this was once again rather a small number of users with genuine issues the other complaints were from everyday critics going over and over the same thing.

I for one would be very sad to see it recalled. :wink:

It is just like Vista after Windows XP
We all have to wait a COMODO “Windows 7” next year.

Well 31 formatted bug reports for 2674 final not bad…
i counted all bug reports filed to the format and it’s only 31 out all of the people whining.
It’s only as bad as as you are willing to take the time to fill out a formatted bug report and let them know.
I think the 2674 is an excellent release for some one with knowledge of what the hell you are doing on a computer. for someone not too inclined i would not recommend it yet.
I have 17 years experience pc’s so in my personal opinion it’s a Great release considering all the variables.
I am sure the next release will be solid as iron and will be better for people that are not so inclined with pc’s like the majority of all this whining is coming from. All though i will say there are 4 obvious/show stopper bugs that should not have been overlooked. They Are

1)Internet explorer 10 does not work virtualized or in the virtual kiosk
2)You cannot use bit defender antivirus by it self with the just the cis 6 firewall product by it self.
3)Firefox/Ice Dragon doesn’t work due to flash player plugin being auto sandboxed twice.
4)The virtual kiosk will only work every time you click on it if you reset the sand box first before opening the virtual kiosk.

*These are the 4 show stopper bugs from my opinion.

*Note I filled out formatted bug reports on all of these issues.
If your system is up to with windows updates and no strange programs installed it should run/install fine with CIS 6

It’s your resposibillity to manage updates on your customer’s computers. I assume you already have settings password protected. Next step is to disable the automatic checking for program updates.

Complaints it its self are not the best measure.

To answer your question. I am not witnessing performance issues on various Windows versions on which I have it currently installed including Win 8 on a netbook with Intel Atom processor.

But here is where I have a problem with your line of reasoning. You start a post that you are not happy with this release and that you sense it is rushed. Until this far you have not come up with some technical issues that worry you. Au contrair, you ask to sum them up? That’s the world upside down where we provide you with arguments to support your thesis…

If you don’t use the Kiosk or run browsers virtualised the default protection is better than with v5. That’s what people seem to forget.

I currently have Comodo Internet Security 6/2013 installed on both of my laptops, they are both Windows 8 Pro, I have had no problems; even advanced settings fully virtualized behaviour blocker, kiosk and virtualized web browser(s). May be I am very lucky as I did not know there were major problems with Windows 8. When is the automatic update released?

:rocks: :SML:

What I’m asking for is not a permanent recall. The solution for now is to still offer the 5 series and put a LONGER hold on the update service from requesting that 6 be installed.

Also, I used to want my clients to update and now I don’t have the time or the resources to go back to all of my previous clients and check to see if they have been updating or if they’ve updated too far.

Sure, with my current and future clients I have my degrees of control, but how do I account for the unpredictability of the average user?

As far as technical aspects are concerned, in addition to those bugs you mentioned, a primary worry is that CIS 6 is not leaner and more efficient. The increase in process count and idle RAM usage does take a toll on system performance, especially older systems. How do I explain that to be protected, they’ll have to actually notice how much slower their system is?

Essentially, I’m asking that we go back to calling this a test period and not make CIS 6 the main game in town until a greater percentage of people are satisfied with what CIS has to offer.

I am not having any issues at all installed on windows 7 64 bit working fine for me just takes some time to get used to. :-TU

You can make that hold yourself for you customers as described. Microsoft has instructions for sys admins how to suppress notifications for their service packs.

AV definitions for v5 will be around for quite a while. I think v6 uses the same av database as v5.8 and later. And if the av database structure changes I think Comodo will provide for v5 for quite a while like it did for v4.

With regard to performance. Did you try Rating Scan? It is one of the measures to make the AV real time and other scans lighter by caching known files. Try a Quick Scan then do the Rating Scan and then do another Quick Scan and see the difference. Did you try this on older hardware?

The oldest hardware I am currently using is a netbook with Intel Atom CPU running CIS v6 on Win 8 and I don’t see problems with performance. But I cannot comment on let’s say single core Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon based systems.

About memory usage this is what egemen told us:

First of all I am not a Comodo employee and the following is my opinion alone. The way I see it is that you can run v5 for a long time with your customers without a problem and without being notified. I am not convinced there are performance issues at a big scale (may be with single core older hardware; I am not sure if you tried Rating Scan; if not give a spin.). Adding those things up I see no reason for a recall.

Do you even understand that I don’t even have access to these clients’ machines on a regular basis? I gave them my guarantee based on my faith in Comodo in years past. How could I account for the lawyers, senior citizens, small businesses, etc. that I’ve set up with Comodo before when I have to deal with new clients on a regular basis? Some of them do have older machines and yes maybe it’s time for an upgrade, but then again, senior citizens have limited incomes, but are still targeted by spammers.

It’s hard enough getting them to use Chrome over Internet Explorer, but most of the time that doesn’t even work out. All that I can rely on is Comodo to protect them, which it has, up till now. But this is not a product I can call ready for deployment. Stop trying to think of things in such a narrow scope of being an educated computer user and think of the people who actually rely on technicians to keep them out of trouble. I stake my reputation on the products I endorse and now I can’t safely endorse Comodo. That’s just the simple truth of the matter.

I’ve been a member of this forum and a strong supporter of Comodo for a long time now, but I know better than to be blinded by fandom. When there are many complaints to go around, you LISTEN!

I am very aware that people using older hardware need protection just the same. Still you did not answer my question if you actually tried the new CIS v6 on older hardware.

It's hard enough getting them to use Chrome over Internet Explorer, but most of the time that doesn't even work out. All that I can rely on is Comodo to protect them, which it has, up till now. But this is not a product I can call ready for deployment. Stop trying to think of things in such a narrow scope of being an educated computer user and think of the people who actually rely on technicians to keep them out of trouble. I stake my reputation on the products I endorse and now I can't safely endorse Comodo. That's just the simple truth of the matter.
If you are convinced that v6 is as bad as you think it is and your reputation is what you care about then I am afraid there is only one way to go and that is to go to or commmunicate with your customers to disable the automatic update check because it is highly unlikely Comodo will withdraw.
I've been a member of this forum and a strong supporter of Comodo for a long time now, but I know better than to be blinded by fandom. When there are many complaints to go around, you LISTEN!
Comodo listens for sure but listening does not mean to do as told!

Still you owe me that test of CIS v6 on older hardware after having used the rating scan.

Comodo may listen, but its community of avid enthusiasts tend to be a bit dogmatic. My exhortation to listen was more toward the community so that they might realize that it’s not all fanfare and roses. There are serious concerns outside of just the GUI. As has been pointed out by others (and experienced by myself) the resource consumption is at least tripled for idle cycles. How 100+ MB when idle justified for resident protection? This is not a lighter, leaner security system. Oh and explain to me why there was just ONE public beta and no RCs and we should just be happy that there are “only” around 50 (at least) some odd reported bugs (or 31 if you want to nitpick about formatting) noticed within 5 days of release. Yay.

Oh and should we consider concerns about fonts not fitting in the UI under certain conditions to not be bugs? I mean come on people, Comodo is supposed to be professionals in this industry. Why don’t their releases reflect that? The Libreoffice team is fairly consistent on their release scheduling and QA process, so why can’t we adopt that precision?

Anyway, installing any HIPS-based softwares on non-tech users/old people computer is a serious lack of professionalism in my opinion (with all respect due), beginners needs install & forget solutions with the less interactions possible with the system. As an IT i never recommended CIS to any beginners even my friends.