Requesting #1 Assistance for all Newbie's & Technology Uneducated Users

First Post
Giday! Melih & Others

After reading this thread I firstly wanted to commend all of you for your maturity, it’s unfortunately very rare to find forums without derogatory posts regarding another’s opinion, well done!

Myself, I’ve been fiddling with PC’s for approx 14yrs including operating my own small home based business mostly with hardware supplies and attempted software problem solving (usually requiring formatting). My knowledge of the in’s & out’s of software design is nil as I simply lack the patience for it and rather leave this skill to those that enjoy or prefer it.

Whilst most people I know and have met along the way consider me as advanced I smile with embarrassment as I know others that will always be more advanced than myself plus with the rate of technology changing “everyday” no one will ever know everything.

Basically as far as security software goes I guess I conceder myself intermediate compared to those ignorant and are happy as long as their system boots up after pressing the power button, they will probably never visit this (or other) sites until the worst happens and eventually get fed up with paying others to fix it for them.

However, even considering myself intermediate and understanding that even without an internet connection nothing is 100% I still get extremely baffled and frustrated attempting to find unbiased straight forward answers of what is the “CURRENT” (as it changes everyday) best way to protect every aspect of any of my online time.

I’m currently on 6 weeks leave and decided I’d spring clean my system. I’ve spent countless hours/days searching many websites and forums with very mixed views, contradicting advice, derogatory replies or recommendations offered because there is a financial, product or other reward in it for them (or is that just my paranoia?) all in the anticipation of finding a straight forward guide in tweaking my entire system to it’s full potential (security is only part of it).

As a newbie, compared to all the other sites I’ve visited when first visiting this forum today, even as designers/suppliers you people seem to be onto something and it would be a shame not to improve it in retaining other less experienced newbie’s that follow by not having something like a sticky (only edited by yourself with updates) “Everything You Need to Know About Online Security” or Online Security for Dummies” under the New to Comodo Forum section which could then include links to indeapth relevant technical information if required etc

Reason for this – Most of us hate to read and when we want to find something we want to do it quickly, when we start reading through threads and find advanced users arguing and carrying on with all this technical jargon that goes over my head we go back to Google and try again and continue to run into the same problem eventually finding it all to hard and give up hoping that nothing will ever happen to our systems and personal security.

Take Cnet for instance, I use it heaps in the early days to try and find answers, I read the designers editorial (advert) then cnet’s review but then you get the users views and are left wondering who is being negative because their in opposition or positive because their the designer? Guess that’s what I mean by unbiased.

You say in your “Why offer products for Free” thread “The more people trust the security of the Internet the more they will shop online”
The potential of people trusting online transactions are endless however at present is crippled by security concerns, almost everyday we hear of some unfortunate incident. I’ll purchase something on EBay and a friend will say “wow can you get me one” when I suggest they get it themselves more often than not the reply is “Oh no I couldn’t do that it’s to risky, I know this person that blah, blah, blah”

The point I’m trying to make here is;

  1. Whether it’s been done before (e.g. AVG) I don’t know or care however the idea of making online business’s pay for your time and efforts for design and supply is fantastic.
    The fact that I can receive a product and use it free of charge whilst ever I think it’s good enough rather than paying a subscription to a provider and then wondering if now they have my $$$ are they going to keep up the service is fantastic.

  2. As I’ve recently been reading a lot about it lately your thread “Layered Security” really interested me. Like most in the early days prior to understanding resource drains I relied and switched between Norton Suite, Zone Alarm etc. I now understand the point in risk if it fails of only having one package looking after me, very simple however like most would have never given it a thought.
    There are thousands of products offering security and I’m sure you know which one’s are actually the best (free or commercial). Not that I’m saying that you are however please don’t be biased in only recommending your products when you know another product can “currently” provide it better.
    Remain honest – If you know another product is or has become better due to some special new feature however is soon to be added to your product let us know by emailing us so we know your good intensions, sure some may switch to the other product for a while but will be back because you showed them/us integrity.

  3. Make it Childs Play - The easier you make it for the consumer to understand from start to finish and the longer we sense your doing the right thing by us the longer we will not feel we need to get back on Google and see if there’s a better way.

  4. Don’t carry on (like I am now) with pages of jargon we don’t understand or have any interest in. Keep all aspects of installation, Optimal/Failsafe configurations, what to expect, maintenance, updates, tweaking, do’s & don’ts to no more than one or two sentences per paragraph (as above – Too much or busy and we loose interest). Leave all the over the head jargon for the Tech Discussion Forum.

  5. If you haven’t already done so – There appears to be many technically intelligent posters on here which most no-doubt as frustrating and difficult as it can be (mostly due to being too lazy to read clear instructions) would be more than happy to volunteer their time and knowledge in helping out newbie’s in a “Newbie’s Online Assistance (Where here to Help)”. Best to keep these as individual Threads so it doesn’t get to cluttered with many posters, a good example is this one where another poster tries to hijack someone else help thread Connection Tweaking not working out
    Perhaps these volunteers could be voted on by those they help and be rewarded in someway by being voted best volunteer of the month etc.
    However the concern/paranoid for newbie’s including myself is putting trust in someone that may otherwise be malicious opening a port to gain access to my system etc???

I know many people that have had their bank accounts interfered with and I guess Australian’s are way behind (& lazy) countries that have had the advantage of modern technology long before us (particularly fast online speed, most of us down here are still stuck with copper lines. Whilst some accept they made the mistake of providing or not correctly securing their personal info others pretty much throw their PC in the rubbish bin, from your writing the latter is what you/we are attempting to prevent.

We require confidence and trust in someone providing simple (not jargon) information and doing so as if you were explaining it to a ten year old,
E.G. If your wife doesn’t understand it without getting frustrated and having an argument with you and storming off then what’s the point of a tutorial?

Anyway… That’s my (1st) Say! Need more let me know

After only using AVG (& XPpro firewall) for the past couple of years and recently reading some poor ratings on it in the past week I’ve downloaded about 8 various so-called recommended security programs hoping they do the job.

I currently have all firewalls activated in my D-link 502T, IE7 (Phishing on), Windows Live Mail (hotmail), Yahoo Toolbar with ThreatFire, Comodo Firewall and AntiVir running permanently. I also use Sandbox for torrents through a limited account.

For general maintenance I have Spyware Dr, AVG Spyware, Spyware Terminator and XP Antispy (don’t like the new Lavasoft), IObit SmartDefrag, CCleaner, Advanced WindowsCare V2 and Windows Live OneCare Free.

All seems a little overboard and very time consuming to me?
From those that know what their talking about any thoughts are greatly appreciated

Thanks for what appears the birth of a new……