Request to reopen thread [locked]

I request this thread to be re-opened.

And also, Why was it closed? What policy does it break? I wasn’t aware that comodo added speaking your opinion to the list of forum violations.

remember, prevention first, detection second.
the topic’s hot like roasted banana, why wait for policy violation if we can prevent it? ;D
let’s just keep it closed until things cooled off a lil bit :-La

PM should be sufficient to request something like this 88)

Your so funny ganda lol ;D :smiley:

This is my choice to make things an open page for everyone to read.
Why was it closed? It didn’t break any of the forum policy’s.

well, let’s just say it almost 88)
at first it’s about CIS problem on tweaked vista and then the topic shifted to whether comodo should or shouldn’t prevent its files deletion. and then some ppl starts throwing insults and love comment, and this is my favorite

I like you..............You are a tiger ,mraawww

naaaah, actually i’m just too afraid to open it since josh is the one who locked the topic.he knows karate ;D
pls be patient. if anybody have similar issue with the locked topic, pls create new topic.

So it didn’t break any forum policy violations. I highly disagree that it was locked.

well, it was off topic, with some sarcasm & insult spices.
you can PM josh for explanation. no need to create such topic like this imo 88)

There are plenty of off topic posts in almost every thread. They don’t get locked, why this one?

You forgot the “humble” part? :stuck_out_tongue:

That topic seemed like it might become a “yellin, shoutin, screechin, flamin, etc” topic. ;D

sigh 88)

Topics can and will be locked temporarily if, in the opinion of the moderators and admins, the topic is becoming too emotive or confrontational.

like i said, i love wearing woman’s clothes oopps sorry, i mean what i said before that:

“Prevention dawg!” O0 the topic’s too hot. why wait til someone break the policy? ???
and then when someone does break the policy & get banned, then there will be another topic asking
“why this member’s banned” 88)

This thead has reached the end of it’s point and has a clear answer,
Admins and/or Mods deemed opposing opinions too “Hot” and Locked it.

dang right :slight_smile:
ehm , what opposing opinion? 88)

Topics can and will be locked temporarily if, in the opinion of the moderators and admins, the topic is becoming too emotive or confrontational.

if anyone have any doubt or question about mod’s action. pls do it in PM. :-La
this topic’s locked

Quote from 3xist.


No - It didn’t break any forum policy, But the start of the thread was quite simple. Commodus was saying how he was disappointed in CIS, Egemen offered help, Commodus turned it down then went on saying “How he got kicked out of the mod squad”, Then random posts went on, Therefore, The Thread has reached the end of it’s purpose and was closed and I offered alternative ways for Commodus.

This is NOT up for discussion.


So what exactly are you trying to prove Kyle?


I’ll highlight it for you, " No - It didn’t break any forum policy ".

The discussion has continued on MSN with josh and I, after a while of digging around he came up with this;

[i]Mod edit : Contents of personal correspondence removed.[/i]

Oh my god I can’t even share a Segment of chat here now. Josh Deleted part of my previous message because aparrently It’s personal. heh…
For all of you people that are interested It’s in a txt file here; (see attached .Txt file)

I have to go now to my girlfriends house for dinner so I may not reply for 5ish hours or so
Through the conversation you can see it go off topic a little bit… Near the bottom how ever is where you’ll see the answer.

Edit : Attachment removed. As both parties live within Australia and are subject to Australian Law and the Federal Privacy Act 1988 prohibits the dissemination of private conversations, regardless of the transmission/reception medium, without the express knowledge, consent and approval of all concerned parties, I have removed the link to the TXT file.