Request for review from languy99

I would like you to review the following tools for their effectiveness and reliability: mcaffee stinger, kaspersky virus removal tool, Norton power eraser

Surely it would have been more appropriate and more polite to request these tests on his YouTube channel, wouldn’t it?? 88) Anyhoo …

If you’re lucky he’ll do them (Power Eraser is quite nice, but Stinger can be a little restricted), but he does his YouTube tests in his own time, of his own volition and to his own schedule.

Keep checking his YouTube channel for updates.

Ewen :slight_smile:

out of curiosity…

do you want them tested with malware they can clean or new malware that they don’t detect and can’t clean?


How about the most commonly found virus/malware/fakeav the user will encounter in the wild.

Well…users encounter both day zero and old ones going around…
what is more dangerous is Day zero ones cos traditional AV products that rely on detection as the security layer can’t detect them.



Yeah but which of them are the best for emergency virus removals? :P0l

Bootable CDs…

  1. Dr. Web
  2. Avira
  3. BitDefender
  4. Kaspersky
  5. F-Secure

Some users use:
6. Vba32 Rescue
7. G Data BootCD

You can check also this comparison article.

Integrate Multiple Antivirus Rescue Disk into One Single Disc or USB Flash Drive with SARDU. The most compreensive cleaning CD.

Or, another non-CD solution would be avast boot time scanning/cleaning.