Request For CPF To Be Included To this Review Site

Hi, i am not sure exactly how it is done. But could i please ask the Comodo makers if you could ask for CPF to be added to the FileForum update and review site.

As I have hunted through the list of firewalls they have reviews and notifications for. And they seemingly have every firewall released, except Comodo.

The reason i specifically ask for this site to be included. Is because this site has an excellent unique feature that is essential to me. And that is. Immediately on a new release of any software i have stated i use when i registered for the fileforum site. Immediately when a new version of this software is released. FileFoum sends me an immediate email notifying me of this. And this email also contans the Direct URL to download the update.

I find it indispensible and a major timesaver. But as Comodo PF is not in their list i can not have this function for this firewall.

Thanks for reading this

I think there shouldnt be a problem. It would be good to have CPF on fileforum. But CPF has an autoupdate, so I think there is no need for that feature you described.

Yes but another good thing that FileForum offeres is it gives you the changelogs indicating what exactly is new, improved or fixed in all new versions when released.

Also if something is a major update it is nice to see this before the autoupdate makes a change.

Such as a change from CPF v2 > v3. As opposed to just changes from v2.1.1 > v2.1.2