Request for advice regarding upgrading to CIS from version

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using the Comodo free firewall version for a long time now and have had no problems with it & it always seemed to serve me well. However, I did disable defense plus because I was getting far too many alerts.

I am thinking of trying the free version 4.0 of CIS. I would install only the firewall as I use Avira as my anti-virus. Does the firewall of version 4.0 have security advantages over ? Are there any other advantages ?

Can I install the firewall of 4.0 and disable defense plus ?

Can I turn off the “live support” feature, I have no real use for it and do not want to grant anyone access to my computer.

I noticed the file size of the new version 4.0 is only around 2.7 MB and version was around 30 MB. It’s great that you reduced the size but how did you get such a drastic reduction ?

If I uninstall my old version and upgrade to version 4.0, will all of my firewall rules and settings be transfered to the new version or will I have to re-apply all of my rules and settings ?

Any feedback would be appreciated.


The rules will not be carried over. You will have to completely uninstall the old version first.

The 2.7 mb file size is not the actual size of the program. It is only for a downloader program that checks your machine and determines which products you can get for your OS and machine. The actual download for CIS4 is something like 38mb