Request: "Edit rule" when creating rules from alerts

here’s the second idea from my wishlist. This one is my absolute top priority - please do implement it, pretty please :slight_smile:

“Edit rule” function when creating firewall/Defense+ rule from alert dialog

When an firewall or Defense+ alert is displayed, user can allow action or block; selected answer can also be “remembered” (i.e. a rule for that application is created and saved). There is no control over the created rule though. If user wants to modify the rule to some extent, or even only check what actually would exactly be created, there is no way to do that other than allow creating, open settings, see list of all rules, try to find the new one and see/modify it from there. This process is too tedious, takes too much time and sometimes cannot be done (e.g. it’s hard to find a new rule when there are lots of other already existing ones).

Example scenario:

  • software X tries to access IP address
  • firewall alert is displayed. User selects desired action (allow/block), and can also “remember” choice (create rule)
  • user selects e.g “allow” and checks “remember” box; then presses a “rule details” button
  • a window opens, where user can see/edit rule details
  • user enters some modification if needed (e.g. changes blocked IP to 12.34.56.*), presses OK to confirm rule change and then OK again in alert window to apply selected action
  • action is performed and proper rule is created

Additional info:
A possibility to preview/edit created rule exists in nearly all PC firewalls I’ve seen and used (Outpost, Sunbelt, Kerio old and new, Jetico) and I consider it very basic function. This is actually the function that I miss the most. It should also not be hard to implement - seems that the biggest change would be adding an “edit rule” button to alert window. The rule editing windows would be the same as are displayed when one edits already existing rule in preferences - for example in case of firewall rule, it’s the window with “source address”, “destination address”, “source port”, “destination port” tabs. To keep existing UI style, I would suggest skinning the new edit button with a “link button” style - see attached picture. Also this “edit” button shouldn’t be displayed when alert window is in basic mode (“less options” was clicked).

Please see screenshot below for possible UI proposition.

As I wrote, this would be really great to have and that’s the function I lack the most in otherwise great Comodo IS.

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Yes. It would be nice to have an options:
Threat As.

Now we have 3 of 5 =)

That is better, that the way with “remember” checkbox.
I often receive alerts. Sometimes I check “Remember”. But at next alert I don’t uncheck “remember” and i have to go to Rules and delete created entry.
So, do “Remeber” checkbox clear at every alert, or provide option to select directly =)

If there were a details button, I think it should link to the “app network access control”, not to the specific rule. Becouse when you modified current rule, you may want to modify other rules as well.
For example,

  • software X tries to access IP address
  • firewall alert is displayed. User selected desired action (allow/block), and also “remember” choice (create rule)
    Then there will be a rule.
    And then you find the software X also tries to access IP address, therefor you want to make a rule allow it to address 12.34.56.* (actually illegal in comodo, but you can use ip range). so when you added 12.34.56.*, you may want to delete

It might also be this way as ‘distance’ suggests, however I think editing current rule only would be simplier to develop and to use (no mixing existing rules with new-yet-to-be-created one). Having either way would be great though - any people from Comodo reading this? :slight_smile:

That’s the way Jetico Firewall treats the alerts. It’s certainly a clearer way of doing things, and probably less error-prone.

i couldn’t quote you! i wish to customize ip, ports etc

Strongly agree. Wish this thread had a poll, so I could vote ‘Yes’.

As OP said, Kerio (my background) makes this very easy, which vastly improves the user experience over having to afterward go find the created rule in order to edit it, as is now the case with Comodo.