[Request] CFP silent install switches

Hello I was wondering if i can install CFP silently with no user interaction example

CFP_Setup_3.0.12.266_XP_Vista_x32.exe /quiet

Hi ricktendo64! RyanVM by any means? :slight_smile:

I would like to know it as well, since Comodo is quite complicated in installation, if there is a possibility for silent install and silent configuration ?..

You can try “-s” switch for silent installation guys.

Much thanks egemen! :wink:

Yep RyanVM and WinCert :smiley:

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You’re supposed to be working on the next Update Pack. It still ain’t out. ;D


Well I tried the “-s” switch, it crashed the installer (WinXP Pro x64 running in VMware server).

I then tried a normal (manual) installation and that worked fine.

Also are there any other switches, for example: DEFENSE_PLUS=1, P2P_APP=1 ?

And? No additional switches or the possibility to import a configuration automatically?


On vista business 32bit, when I run “CFP_Setup_3.0.12.266_XP_Vista_x32.exe -s” the installer crashes immediately also the “CFP_Setup_3.0.12.266_XP_Vista_x32.exe -silent” does the same thing - crash. Probably they are equivalent.
Can you please make a working silent/unattanded installer for comodo? Please

Take a look at what I found out


I’m still looking for all the available swithces in CFPCONFG.EXE
I think -m -c"fileneame" is to import rules… not quite sure, still need to try it out…

any comments from the developers??

[ at ]bhuric: -m -c"filename" to import config file works!! GREAT, many thanks!

i’ve just copied the files from one install (just the comodo dir) to another pc, called cfpconfig -i -s followed by cfpconfig -m -c"config.cfg" - after a reboot everything looks fine…

edit: ok, it just looks fine - no defense+ protection at all :frowning: - although i’ve copied the required files to system32. im not sure about the firewall. DAMN

Hi WotC,

Can you start a new thread here and be more specific on your problem, including your OS, etc pls. I will now lock this one since it’s pretty old.