Request: better icons


I’m requesting a new icon set for comodo 4.
They are very identical to each other and are hard to “read”. I mean, A little bigger or something may solve the thing.

The icon is also very bad. Hard to understand and the colors are not the best.
Here, comparison with windows update and avast:

I would like to hear other opinions. To see if they share the same point of view.

I would be happy to see the return of the v3.14 icon. It was much better than the current v4.0 icon.

Couldnt agree more, many times i find my self looking for the icon of CIS.

The 3.x was better.

About the GUI icons i also agree, i dont even guide myself by the icons because some are too small and identical.

(1680x1050px here)

Agreed to all above plus change that aggressive red color and make more modern design.

+1, the RED is a bit much. I say pick a color scheme and stick with it, if it’s red, fine but don’t make it so loud. As far as GUI and graphics, you have the perfect “mascot” at your disposal (the dragon), you could incorporate him into the theme. Have fun with it, just tone down the color a bit.

Agree mantain the old icon or do a new one better than the one on V4.o betas

The worst thing about v4 is the GUI. It looks like a 12 year old made it (cuttings costs!!??? :a0)

I can’t believe how bad the icons and colors are. When I first saw it, i thought it was joke (similar to Comodo Cloud Scanner).

Can there … please be a way to use v3 design styles in v4.

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I have said it in other posts, the theme is not great, the old tray icon was much better and there should be a couple more themes …

Let’s see if someone is listening what we have to say.
We just want a more user friendly product. The are superficial users who choose their software based on only the look.

indeed. to aggressive.

Please also make it clear when the Firewall is disabled!
Currently the icon doesn’t change at all.

Well designing a UI isn’t easy but I would love to see what you can come up with ;D. v3 and v4 in my opinion don’t do Comodo justice 8)

In the meantime, you can use Windows Security Center to alert you when the Firewall or AV is disabled.

Control Panel->Security Center

I know this. But the warning also disappears immediately.

That’s strange, mine stays viewable as long as a feature is disabled! ???

I’m still waiting for this feature to be implemented.

Comodo 4 final released with ugly and unreadable color scheme.
Maybe in next version is time to fix?

Comodo, any word about this?

Are you serius Comodo?

-There is almost NO distinction from “Antivirus” to “Firewall” top menu Icon
-Summary lines have same red color background
-Comodo Logo/Name isn’t at the best dimmensions
-Almost all icons are missing anti-aliasing
-Degradee isn’t good

It is time to fix Comodo. You have broken it!

Hello, Comodo?
There are two more request for Comodo GUI:

I have to agree, tray icon is awful. Edges are not defined and if you’re using silver or bright theme it just blends into task bar and that’s really bad. Tray icon has to be distinctive, properly visible. Take Kaspersky icon as an example. It looks great, it’s properly defined and defines Kaspersky properly. Same goes for orange avast! icon. It’s just visible and all. I even liked the CIS3 tray icon even though edges were slightly blocky.
But it was properly visible, nicely defined and all. AVIRA icon as well.
Tray icons have to be simple and Comodo one isn’t. And even looks bad.
Everything else is nice except tray icon.

Fixed on version 5 of Comodo.
Thank you.

You can now close this bug