[REQ] CFP remote install mode

Anyone given this a thought? It’s currently impossible to install this remotely as you’ll end up cut off after reboot. :frowning: Dunno what’d be better solution:

  • either make CFP completely disabled after next reboot,
  • or supply some preconfigured rules for most common remote desktop apps
  • or let people configure it even before rebooting?



Comodo Endpoint Security Manager does it for you!

Well, not really… CESM is a (beta) stuff aimed at enterprise management. I don’t want any centrally managed thing, all I’m after is remotely installing and configuring the product say on friends’ machines connected to Internet via DSL. They aren’t in the same domain, they aren’t in the same workgroup either and CESM is something that definitely won’t work there.

Well true. Hmmm…

Maybe a request for CESM.


Well, as long as it relies on the browser service to discover the machines, it’s a no go. And as I said, all I want is a simple option in the CFP installer, CESM is great idea, but really a different audience group and overkill for such cases (think LAN vs. WAN and centrally managed solution vs. occasional random remote install). Keep it simple, Luke… ;D


That’s odd Armando made that mistake! Calling me Luke! >:( !ot!