Reputation/safety of IPs


I read some threads suggesting more information about the IP addresses (in popup windows, log files, activity reports, etc).
I’m interested too in adding more information, including more comprehensive ones.

For example, in the firewall’s active connexion list, it would be interesting to have links on the IP adresses:

  • to a whois website

  • and to a reputation website (WOT style).

Ideally, the safe web servers should be identified and noted as it.
Example in a popup window: in place of “207.46.323.182”, it would be “Microsoft corp (Verified)”.
With a button “More information” to display a list of detailed informations (IP, link to whois, safety, link to reputation page, etc…).
Obviously, identified dangerous servers or domain names should be noted alike. There are databases of phish servers/names, notably.



I like this idea. I’ll look into implementing it in my firewall alert charrette thread.

YESSSS! YESS! YES! Si! Oui! Ja! Yiddish! Sea! Hai! Ndiyo! Oo! Да! Áno!

Anyways… I support this. Such a vastly incredible idea that there should be no question or concern about this.