Reporting all clear...

Just installed on host machine after testing on VirtualBox, and works awesome, no issues! :-TU

Windows 7 32bit, updated, alonside ImmunetProtect, autosandboxed few programs, bluesoleil for bluetooth, firefox, digsby for social networking and chat, few clicks on defense+ to treat them trusted and successfuly updated. Running at max settings, no slowdown. Deleted allow all outbound traffic in firewall. Stealthed ports and ShieldsUP passed.
updated virus db and doing a full scan. No graphical anomalies or bugs. Full scan is fast, I like it.
So far the first hour was a very pleasant one, hope it stays that way. If I see any issues, I will let you all know.

:comodosavedmylife: (V) :comodorocks: :comodo110: :comodomarryme: :ilovecomodo:

Congratulations Comodo team, you did awesome!