Report Problems With Valkyrie File Verdict Service

Please report here any problems you experience with Comodo Valkyrie.

Bug Reports for the Valkyrie Uploader should be put here.

Also do not report problems in which the Valkyrie final verdict does not match the automated analysis, which can be reported here or in which the file is found malicious by an analysts verdict but not by CAV, which can be found here.

I’ve noticed that many of the files that are found malicious by the manual analysis by Comodo staff are not detected when I scan them with CIS. Is there some type of disconnect between the two teams?

Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?

I have submitted many samples missed by CAV and detected by Valkyrie for October and November but most of them are still undetected.

here are a couple of files that dont get analyzed by the static detectors the wheel just continuously spins. I had to refresh the page to get a verdict from the adv. heur.

idk if anyone else has this problem but if i use valkyrie to analyze many files, after a while the analysis page will start jumping around randomly. ill scroll down to the bottom then it will jump to the top etc… its really annoying. iv noticed this with a few different browsers

on this file the auto and final result says unknown but the adv. heur. say malware

Has this one been changed since you posted it?

When I check the advanced heuristics I see that it says Unknown with a 99.9% certainty.

the probability says 99.9% unknown but one of the heuristic engines detects the file as malware, so shouldnt the probability say malware not unknown?

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From my understanding what’s important isn’t what the individual engines detect, but what the combination predicts for the file. I’m actually not sure why they even show all of them.

Under the “Dynamic Detection” tab, if the verdict for CAMAS is “Undetected” if I select the option for the “Report URL” it just links me back to the main page. Why doesn’t it link me to the CAMAS results?

i think its a bug. its been like that for as long as i can remember

i have been getting this error after uploading files (screenshot attached) refreshing the page fixes it

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Dynamic Detection/Advanced Heuristics are down again?

Advanced Heuristics is down for more than 10 days now…
Any news about fix?

AdHeuristics_1 Malware
AdHeuristics_2 Malware
That’s my first case btw.


For the past few days or so, Comodo Valkyrie: , has not been able to finish scanning files; I get this error message after waiting a long time for the scan to finish:

Static Detection: “The FileVS system is too busy to query the result for you! Please try it later!”

Advanced Heuristics: “The Advanced Heuristics system is too busy to query the result for you! Please try it later!”

Here is an example of one of the files that I tried having scanned:

Thank you,
-John Jr

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StaticDetectors are currently being tested to see wether they are suitable to be included to work for generating signs like CAMAS.

I guess that includes the Advanced Heuristics as well?

Thank you for responding.

is that why they are down? or r u just guessing?

In fact, Advanced Heuristics detectors are already being used to make signs (even before Valkyrie has been released).

Don’t know sorry.