Report possible bug - after updating anti-virus program

Dear Firewall Technical Staff & everbody,

I am using CPF version and a Anti-virus program (Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic).

After updating my anti-virus program (with some update on the dlls/exe of the program), I log in again and all security monitoring of CPF failed i.e. application monitor, etc. and the Protection Strength indicator turned Bad. The security monitors will not be able to turned on again until a system reboot.

All of you running the same combination of firewall & anti-virus programs should take note of this. Since user may not aware of this, I think it is worthwhile to add a sound alert when Protection Strength dropped to Bad.


So you’re thinking that AntiVir’s update caused a conflict which disabled CFP’s protection?

What steps have you taken to rectify the situation?

Have you contacted Avira and shared this with them?