Reply without delay

Hi Guys.
Thanks for choosing COMODO Time Machine. My name is Doskey Lee. I’m head of CTM project.

My team and me are working ■■■■■■■ CTM project. We never stop to improve CTM. Make it to be rock stable. Make it to be easy-to-use.

We know there are still some bugs. If you meet anyone problem, please post here. We will help you to solve asap. If it is a bug, we will fix it asap.

Sometime, my guys did not reply your post in time, maybe they are busy on other things. If you did not get any reply in 24 hours, you can contact with me directly.

What can I do for you? I can help you to solve any problem of CTM. I can answer any questions about CTM. You can send any recommendation, complaint, idea or such things to me.

You can find my contact information such as PM, Email or MSN on left panel. I will answer you in time. I always at your service.

Your support is our motivation.