replacing winpatrol with comodo

Can comodo be configured to make winpatrol unnecessary. Can comodo do all of this

Not really, though there are a feel area of overlap. That looks to be more of system utility/manager then a security software package.

Right, there are some things Winpatrol offers that Comodo does not. Personally, I do not run Winpatrol, Comodo has all the security features I need. If you need Winpatrol for some of its other features ( e.g. delayed startup programs).

If you use Winpatrol only for its security application, then I would say it’s not necessary, but that is just my opinion :slight_smile:

Can comodo be set to alert for new BHO or Toolbar ?

Depends on your personal settings but Comodo can alert for any installers and potentially unwanted programs (PUP) detections, ie. BHO/Toolbars.

I haven’t used a browser toolbars since browsers integrated Search & Pop-up blockers. Its beyond me why I still have clients installing them out of habit.

how do i set comodo to alert for any installers and potentially unwanted programs ?.i do not install or want them