Replacing MSE on old Windows 7 computer

On my trustworthy Windows 7 computer (64-bit), I have Microsoft Security Essentials for antiviral purposes (which I understand will keep getting updates thru 2023), as well as an older Comodo Firewall (5.10.x). If I choose to replace these with the latest Comodo Internet Security, will it be less intense resource-wise, or about the same, or more intense?

Everything works OK, except I think MSE is taking up quite a lot of resources sometimes (even starting Winamp or VLC, or opening a JPG photo after a reboot, take longer than it was normal). I.e. before MSE, I used AVG which didn’t have such impact, so I was wondering whether ditching the current set and replacing it with CIS would make things better again.

Less intensive since you will be using a single Security Software in real-time instead of two. Also there is the upcoming Light AV Database feature in CIS which will reduce the resource usage of it even further (currently it is already very light on resources).

If your old machine is low on resources you can try something like Black Viper’s guide for Service configurations, choosing the “Tweaked” profile. Also make sure to do a Full System Scan once CIS is installed, also regularly doing Rating Scans will ensure CIS resources usage is kept at the lowest possible amount.

If you running an HDD device don’t forget to always defrag using for example Piriform’s Defraggler once per month.

Thanks, I might give it a shot. One more thing… is there any way to defer the initial full scan (I remember on a Windows 10 tablet it started right after the installation had been completed)? Namely, I don’t wanna break anything so I’d like to enter the exclusions first.

The machine per se is not really low on resources (also, on SSD), but I’m getting the feeling that MSE has gotten worse in the last year or so (could be intentional >:-D ).

Yes the Initial Scan automatically done by CIS once it’s installed can be skipped if you press the Stop button.

Just curious - where is the View Connections task supposed to be? I wasn’t able to find it under any Tasks category, to add it to the Task Bar… then I entered it into “Search Tasks” search box, and it was shown there (so I was able to add it then).

EDIT: Never mind… I seem to have ignored the arrow on the right of Firewall Tasks, thinking it was related to Stop Network Activity task. :smiley: