Replacing Existing Hard Drive- Defense+

I plan on cloning and upgrading my existing 60 GB Seagate hard drive to a 120 GB Hitachi HD using Seagate DiscWizard and an external HD enclosure, and was wondering if I’m going to run into any problems with CF or Defense+.

Presently, the HD drive has two viewable partitions C: and D:Back-Up. On the new HD I’ll be creating 2 partitions but proportioned at 80 and 40.

Any thing I need to know beforehand?

You should be right to go. I usually use Paragon Hard Disk Manager for all cloning tasks and have never had an issue with CFP moved onto another disk. I guess a file system is a file system is a file system. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks, this will be the first time I’ve changed out a hard drive and wasn’t sure. The Seagate DiscWizard is a free product, abet a slimmed down, some what limited version of Acronis True Image for use with at least one Seagate HD.

I think it is safe to use Paragon or Acronis software, but If you expect the cloned disk to be bootable, see GoodellsNet Link
for useful advice about how to clone a hard disk.

If you have any problems or get any errors (mine used to be that some files weren’t copied) when doing a full hard drive copy, then disable the “Comodo Firewall Pro Helper” service.

Even though I ‘exited’ Comodo before doing a backup, there was still some protection going on. Disabling the “Comodo Firewall Pro Helper” service cured that problem of some random files not being copied over to the backup hard drive.

I understand we are taking about cloning (or copying) a hard disk. A disk should always be copied outside of Windows, copying disk sectors, not files. So, there cannot be problems of some files not being copied, and the specific programs, firewalls or any other, that are installed, are not relevant at all.

Cloning a disk, as opposed to copying a multitude of files, is done external to the Windows O/S, so any apps installed under Windows should be immaterial to the cloning process as they won’t be running.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Sorry I wasn’t more specific. I use Casper XP (2.0) which is a file type transfer (not a cloner/imager) type backup. This accounts for Comodo blocking some of the files during transfer, which disabling the pertinent service cured. Casper isn’t as flexible as a true cloner/imager, but it serves my purpose of having a bootable backup ready on a moments notice.

Not being familiar with Seagate DiscWizard (don’t know if it’s file transfer or cloner/imager), I kept my previous post bland and generic in case it was a file transfer type like mine.

There is a Casper 4.0 out which may be a notable improvement over my outdated version, but this version has saved me twice when I got overly ambitious on some creative tweaking and killed XP LOL.

LOL! Haven’t we all?? :smiley: