Repetitive opinions

This is not directed to any particular individual, just in general.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and even encouraged to do so, but repetitive opinions about the same thing do become annoying very quickly especially when the same opinion is duplicated over and over from Topic to Topic.

For the sake of keeping the Forum pleasarable, enjoyable, informative and constructive etc etc, I think we should all have our appropriate opinions once on any subject matter and not jump from Topic to Topic about the same thing.

Thanks from Captainsticks.

+1 :-TU

+1 :smiley:

but you cant keep it at one time, when later someone tries to reduce or lead what you said to a point, where the meaning gets “confused”.
i dont like it, when someone makes a good statement, and then comes someone who asks questions, which do not represent the statement, which are just trying to reduce the statement to a 100 million times repeated question and answer game.
mostly when it begins with telling about, what the other one might have said (“so you say?” normally everyone just would have to read the statement, to know what it says. telling others words is then just a try to redefine the saying for an intention). or when the most unimportant passage of the statement is quoted, just to move on to the same repeated question and answer game.

Hi Clockwork,
To break any confusion down all I was trying to say was, at any given time there has been quite a few Topics active together about the same subject matter (Cross posting).
I am not going to point to any Topics in question as this might individualise users which is not my intent.

Check for unread posts since last visit sometimes brings up multiple Topics on the same subject matter, I am just trying a constructive non finger pointing method to condense same subjects to one Topic.

The end result could be a cleaner, less time consuming Forum for all users.

Kind regards.