Repetitive Driver install in Vista

Every time I cold boot my PC (Gateway GM5420) Vista (Home Premium) detects ‘new’ hardware (Lexmark X1185 printer) and asks if I want the appropriate driver installed. No matter what I reply (‘no’, cancel…) Vista then installs a duplicate driver. When I try to print I receive a “communications error.” At this point I must go to control Panel, delete the duplicate copy of the driver, and set the original copy to “online.” I must then disconnect and reconnect the USB cable. Then I’m ‘good-to-go’ until the next cold boot. Neither Lexmark, nor Microsoft, nor Gateway have any suggestions. Can anyone help? I can ‘solve’ this on a daily basis; it’s just a PITA. :slight_smile:

Hi George and welcome to the Forum, i’m sorry that i don’t have the answer to your question but i do sympathise with you. I have recently upgraded to Vista and it took me an absolute age to get my lexmark printer to install correctly…after numerous installations and reboots for some reason it suddenly started to work properly. I must admit that if ever the so**in thing ever explodes then nothing on earth will persuade me to buy another Lexmark.

Good luck…something tells me that you will need it.